$30 Minimum for all Custom Orders.      

 The total price of your order depends greatly on 3 factors:                                             1)Cookie Size                                                                                                                            2)Cookie Design(s)                                                                                                                3)Packaging.


$10/DOZEN—MINI (1.5 inches)                                                                                       $21/DOZEN—SMALL (2 -2.25inches)                                                                                 $26/DOZEN—MEDIUM (2-3 inches)                                                                                       $30/DOZEN—LARGE (3-4 inches)                                                                                           $40/DOZEN—LARGE CHARACTER/LOGO* COOKIES

ONE DOZEN MINIMUM PER SIZE.                                                                              ADDITIONAL COOKIES CAN BE ORDERED IN HALF DOZEN INCREMENTS.


Each size is priced to include ONE DESIGN* per FULL DOZEN ordered.                                  IF you would like more designs than one per dozen you have the option to purchase additional designs for $5 PER ADDITIONAL DESIGN.


You’re ordering 2 dozen cookies.                                                                                                   One Dozen Large and One Dozen Small.                                                                                        You want a total of 4 different designs 2 designs per size.                                                             Your total will be $61                                                                                                                           1 Dozen Large cookies 2 designs- $35 ($30 + $5)                                                                          1 Dozen Small cookies- 2 designs- $26. ($21 + $5)

*Some designs can be more challenging/time-consuming to execute and are subject to raised base pricing.


You can choose to have your cookies Boxed, Plated, Wrapped, and or Popped.                Pricing as follows:

All cookies will be neatly arranged in an appropriate sized bakery style box.

PLATED—$N/A*                                                                                                                                  All Cookies will be arranged neatly on an appropriate sized platter(s) with paper shred filler and wrapped in plastic cling to ensure freshness.

XL MESSAGE COOKIE (5+ inches)  —$6/COOKIE                                                                        Add an XL Message Cookie to any Platter.                                                                                –Given its size the XL cookie makes for a great focal piece for the center of a cookie platter.

*EXTRA PLATTERS. —$6/PLATTER *                                                                                             I I have platters in varying sizes to accommodate small and large orders. If your order is so large that it necessitates more than one platter, I will provide the extra platters at no additional cost. However, if you are wanting your order divided  between multiple platters, each extra platter requested can be purchased at $6/platter.

WRAPPED—+$8/DOZEN, +$4/HALF DOZEN                                                                       Cookies are wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with a coordinating ribbon. (Minis not included.)

POPPED—+$12/DOZEN, +$6/HALF DOZEN                                                                        Cookies are baked onto lollipop sticks. Each cookie is wrapped in cellophane and tied with a coordinating ribbon. (Minis not included.)


PAINT-A-COOKIE—$42/HALF DOZEN                                                                                       Paint-a-cookies make for a fun party activity and/or a great unique take-away treat. Each paint a cookie includes 1 LARGE edible canvas, 1 small edible palette, & 1 NON-EDIBLE paintbrush. PACs will be arranged neatly in a box  or on a platter.                                      Half Dozen minimum.                                                                                                          Additional PACs can be purchased in any amount needed @ $7/PAC.

Favor Packaging for PACs is also available at an additional cost:                                –$48/HALF DOZEN ($8/PAC)                                                                                                              PACS are individually wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with a coordinating ribbon.

$72*/HALF DOZEN ($12/PAC)                                                                                                    PACS are neatly arranged in a 2-piece cellophane windowed gift box on a bed of paper shred filler. Each cookie (both palette and canvas) will be individually wrapped and sealed in cellophane to ensure freshness. Boxes are sealed and tied with a coordinating ribbon. *Order 1 dozen or more for $10/PAC.

CUSTOM COOKIE GIFT BOX                                                                                                       Who wouldn’t want to receive a box of cookies designed just for them? Be it just a little something to say “Hello!” Or perhaps a bit more to extend a Birthday Wish or a well-deserved “THANK YOU!” Allow me to create a gift o’ cookies that will no doubt be an instant HIT! All Cookies will be arranged neatly and packaged in an appropriately sized 2- piece, cellophane window gift box filled with paper shred. Cookies will be individually wrapped within the box to ensure freshness. Gift Boxes will be sealed and tied with a coordinating ribbon.

GIFT BOX COOKIE PRICING STARTS AT $10.                                                                                If interested in ordering a gift box please share with me the occasion, any ideas, and your ideal budget and I will provide you with some priced out options.